Free Printable Memory Games

Printable Memory Games

child playing memory

Welcome to our printable memory games. Here you will find a variety of printable memory games. Just click on the game you like and print. To make your printed game last longer, laminate your printed sheet and cut the pieces out. You can even glue the pieces onto heavier cardboard. Find Printable memory instructions here.

How To Play Memory

* To begin, place the cut out pieces face down on the table and mix them up.

* Then, lay out the pieces in several straight lines. For example, 6 rows with 5 playing pieces in each row.

* Have the youngest player go first. The first player picks up a piece then attempts to match the picture on the piece she has in her hand with another she picks up. If she makes a match, she may take another turn. If she doesn't make a match, the next player takes his turn.

* Continue to play in this way until all the pieces are gone.

* The player with the most pieces wins the game!

* You can adapt the game to your players. You can take out some playing pieces to make the game easier for younger children. Or, start the game out with only a few pieces and each round, increase the number of pieces in play!