Free Printable Battleship Game

battleship game

Here is our own printable version of the popular game Battleship. The printable version is a great option for car trips as kids can't lose pieces all over the car! We've included game instructions adapted to our printable version. To make your printed game last longer, laminate your printed game cards and cut the pieces out. You can even glue the pieces onto heavier cardboard. Just click on the image of the game and print!

Playing Printable Battleship

Each player places 5 ships on the grid titled “My Ships”. Place your ships either horizontally or vertically. Each ship is represented by the letters listed on the grid. For example, AAAAA = Aircraft Carrier, BBBB = Battleship, and so on. The players take turns calling out a spot on the grid such as A3. A player says “hit” if he/she has a boat on the spot named or “miss” if he/she does not have the spot occupied. Each player should keep track of his/her guesses by writing an “H” in a square for hit or an “M” for miss on the grid titled “Opponents Ships”. Also keep track of the opponents guesses on the grid entitled "My Ships". If a player hits every letter of his/her opponents ship, that ship is considered sunk. When a player has a sunken ship, he/she must call out, “You sunk my ..........(type of ship such as aircraft)”. The first player to sink all his/her opponents ships is the winner.

Just click on the image of the game and print!