Easter Game Ideas

kids at easter

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Guess The Candy Eggs/Jellybeans

You will need: a jar filled with jellybeans/chocolate eggs (know how many are in the jar), small pieces of paper about 1"x1", pencils, Ziploc bags (if you decide to pass out the candy!)

Distribute pieces of paper and pencils to all game players. Have each person guess how many candies are in the jar and write the number on the piece of paper with his/her name. The person who guessed the number closest to the actual number of candies wins! As a treat, you can distribute the candies to all involved in the game!

Paper Egg Match

You will need: construction paper, one egg template for each group of 2, markers/crayons to decorate the egg.

Divide the participants in groups of 2. Have each group make a paper egg using the egg template. Have each group decorate the egg and cut it in two in a unique way (slanted, curvy, etc.) It helps to have some different craft scissors for the project that will make different types of cuts. Collect all the eggs, mix them up, and hand them out to the participants. Everyone then tries to match his/her 1/2 egg with the appropriate other half. (see our Easter Egg Template)

Pin The Tail On the Easter Bunny

You will need:Easter bunny template or picture, blindfold, sticky tac.

This game is just like Pin The Tail On The Donkey. Draw and cut out an Easter Bunny, without a tail. Draw and cut out an Easter Bunny tail. It's a great ideas to laminate both or attach them to sturdy cardboard/poster board. Sticky tac the Easter bunny to the wall or white board, etc. Have participants wear a blindfold, and after three spins around, try to pin the tail on the bunny! You can also us a "Pin The Eggs On The Basket" theme. (use our Easter Bunny Cutout for the game!)

Easter Egg Vocabulary Word Hunt

You will need: vocabulary word list, small pieces of paper, plastic Easter eggs, candy.

Write vocabulary words in scrambled form on pieces of paper. Depending on the number of words, you may have to use some twice so all the participants get one. Put each paper in a plastic Easter egg along with a little treat such as some jelly beans or chocolate eggs. Hide the eggs around the classroom and have the students find the eggs. Each student can only find one egg. When the student finds the egg, have him/her try to unscramble the vocabulary word. After the student unscrambles the word, he/she can eat the treat inside! (see our Easter word scramble for some ideas)

Easter Egg Toss

You will need: a large piece of cardboard with an Easter basket drawn on on side.

Cut several holes of various shapes in the Easter basket, big enough for plastic Easter eggs to fit through. Fill an Easter basket with several plastic eggs and have each participant try to get the eggs through the holes. Or, you can use chocolate eggs of medium size. When the participant gets and egg in the hole, he/she gets a reward! This also works with decorated bean bags.

Easter Egg Relay

You will need: some decorated hard boiled Easter eggs and spoons for all participants

Divide the participants into 2 teams. Have a few decorated hard boiled eggs handy. Make 2 start lines and 2 finish lines with masking tape. Lines can be about 10 feet apart depending on the size of the space you're using. Line each team up behind a start line. Put an egg on the spoon of the first person in each team. That person has to walk to the finish line and back holding the egg on their spoon. When that person reaches the start line, he/she then transfers his/her egg to the next person's spoon without using their hands. This is a challenge, and if it's too hard, you can let them use hands. The first team with all players back at the starting line wins!

Pass the Egg

You will need: a couple decorated hard boiled Easter eggs and spoons for every player.

Divide participants into 2 teams. Have each team stand in a line. Put an egg on the spoons of the first in line of each team. Have that person pass the egg to the next player, just using the spoon, not hands. The first team to get the egg to the last person in line wins. And you can have the teams pass the eggs back up to the first person for a longer game!

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